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Activity (A) 1 - BOND-In Campaign and A2 BOND Outset (public event) aimed at project visibility and attraction, application arc selection of the target groups and beneficiaries to participate.

A3, A4 and A5 - Development and implementation of Entrepreneurial Learning Programmes for the students in elementary and secondary schools with the purpose to create and Implement 2 programmes of entrepreneurial learning that will bein concordance with official school curricula. The students should learn to take initiative, develop self-confidence, and take active and responsible attitude towards the community and their own development. The objective of the programmes is to promote creativity, innovation and self-employment and to address: development of personal skills that are the basis of entrepreneurial behavior, raising awareness about self-employment and entrepreneurship as possible career options, work on specific entrepreneurial tasks, and provision of business skills about how to form and manage an enterprise.

A6 and A7 — Development and implementation of "Train-the-Trainer" Programmes for elementary and secondary school teachers and university students for entrepreneurial learning—the purpose is for the future entrepreneurial teachers to develop entrepreneurial thinking, understand entrepreneurship, acquire entrepreneurial competences, and acquire skills for teaching students by using interactive methods with complete focus on students. One of the programmes purposes will be to actively include parents/families, so they all would be able to think and act entrepreneurially and systemically guide students' future careers.

A8 — Development of students’ companies in elementary and secondary schools - the students will be organized in teams and will need to obtain tasks to develop a company based on acquired competence in A4 and A5: propose business idea, define organizational structure, elaborate on its business plan, anticipate work outputs and simulate daily work. The school teachers and university students included in the project will guide the work of the students based on the competence acquired in A7. It is expected to have 185 students working in 37 teams to develop 37 companies.

A9 — Exchange of practice between elementary, secondary and university schools and drafting a model for the new curricula.

A10 - Cooperation with parents/families aimed at inclusion of parents/families of the students in their entrepreneurial development and presentation of achieved results in the domain of entrepreneurial learning on the joint public event.

All — Public event "Students’ BOND Day" comprised of: summary of achieved project results, presentation of students companies, voting for the winner students companies and awarding certificates and prizes, awarding certificates to the successful entrepreneurial learning students.

Al2 — Development of the models for the new Entrepreneurial Learning Curricula for elementary and secondary schools.

A13 — Development of the models for the new "Train-the-Trainer" curricula for school teachers and university students within partner universities.

A14 — BOND Conclusion — public event for project closure, announcing the achieved results and discussing multiplication and sustainability of project results.


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