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IBS Bulgaria

IBS is a private higher school in Republic of Bulgaria and is one of the top 10 universities in Bulgaria in the area of Business Administration, Economics and Tourism.The mission of IBS is to change life, economics and society by means of business education and scientific research, and engagement with the community. In order to achieve the mission at IBS, it is also responsible for the building of a community of excellent students, professors and personnel working in a supportive and motivating, team-based environment.

Business and society: IBS carries out active and constructive cooperation with companies, state bodies, administrations, schools, universities, communities and organizations.

Research in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, companies and their policies culture, economy, public sector management, heritage and tourism exploring are of utmost importance for IBS.

IBS as the Lead partner in the project will manage and coordinate the joint activities on national level. IBS main expertise within the project will providе inputs for the activities related to entrepreneurial learning of elementary and secondary school students.


College of Applied Professional Studies Vranje


College of Applied Professional Studies in Vranje is one of the leading higher education state institutions in the region, in field of Production Economics and Entrepreneurial Management, Food Technology, Environmental Protection, Transport and Mechanical Engineering, and Furniture Engineering and Interior Design.

The mission of the College of Applied Professional Studies in Vranje is creation of highly qualified personnel that can contribute to the change of the overall economic and social environment in Serbia, aligning it with the contemporary social changes and market trends.

As a modern institution it applies efficient Curricula Models with possibility of students exchange between the countries signatory of the Bologna Declaration.

Quality assurance and competence of the studies are modern educational programs, well-equipped premises of the College, as well as high-quality practical training in cooperation with companies.


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