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Name of the project

Establishing a link between entrepreneurial learning and primary, secondary and higher schools with the aim of extending curricula and improving entrepreneurial competencies to facilitate the employment of young people.

The project is focused on the introduction of entrepreneurial learning into formal education, including primary, secondary and higher education. In this way, the economic potential of young people is strengthened, which contributes to regional economic growth. The sustainability of the project will be ensured given that, by project proposal, entrepreneurial efforts will be realized under the auspices of formal education institutions that will ensure the continuity of entrepreneurial learning for future generations of students and pupils. The project is in line with the Europe 2020 strategy, since it seeks to improve knowledge and improve the quality of education in the aforementioned cross-border region through the introduction of entrepreneurial learning and formal education programs with the ultimate goal of easier employment of young people ("knowledge-based economy").

Priority Axis: Youth

Leading partner: International Business School from Botevgrad, Bulgaria

Project Partner: College of Applied Vocational Studies from Vranje, Serbia

Start date: 23.11.2016

End date: 22.02.2018

Project duration: 15 months

Total budget (in euros): 198.453,8


Project financing

The project was co-financed by the European Union of the Program for Cross-Border Cooperation of IPA CBC Bulgaria-Serbia Program 2014-2020.

The program on cross-border cooperation of lnterreg IPA CBC Bulgaria-Serbia Program was approved by the European Commission by Decision no. S (2015) 5444 of 30.07.2015

This Program finances projects related to the development of sustainable tourism, youth and environmental protection. The total budget of the Porogram is 34. 102. 256.00 euros. The program is co-financed from the funds of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance II (IPA II) of the European Union.

Qualified countries to participate in the Program belong to NUTS III or other equivalent areas near the boundaries of the partner districts of the districts: Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Sofia, Pernik and Custendil on the territory of Bulgaria and the districts of: Bor, Zajecar, Nis, Toplice, Jablanica and Pcinja in the territory Republic of Serbia.



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